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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Corporate laws written by and for corrupt Lawmakers lobbyest

I joined Comcast (Xfinity) in November 2015. at first there where issues with package ,receiver issues.. All resolved in short order, mostly was a learning curve having received the wrong receiver initially. I have otherwise enjoyed my experience, aside from the fact I am forced to pay for channels I will never watch and a phone service I will never use.

However after aprox 10 months my bill began climbing by just a few dollars, then on an exponential rate. After talking to a rep who swore my bill would be lower and good for two more years. This has not happened and in fact went up yet again.

I was going to make a small claims for breach of contract. However after corresponding with a "Silly Lawyer" I am fully aware the corporate world has lobbied to the point the consumer has no legal repercussion for your breach of contract...Read the fine print in detail... What happened to truth , Honor, respect???

Very Disgruntled consumer.

I will be sharing this sour experience with as many people as I can via social media. Since other than doing without tv and internet, I see no other option ... I will however not accept another deceptive two year agreement and will find an alternet source on this date in two years.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive

Go ahead Clinton supporters search the source as close as the FBI .. is getting and more important .. We as a people need to be reviewing leaks ... the fact they exists demonstrates Killay and Obumer and their minions are neither Honest nor Secure ... WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive:

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Friday, October 21, 2016

The DNC insanity

Open the Link Have a good long look at page 6 .. not that the rest is disturbing enough.

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