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Monday, May 26, 2014

the harmony of interests.pdf - Google Drive

the harmony of interests.pdf - Google DriveSo, if I could be of any help I wold advise u to read this Book , written by A. Lincoln's Economists , in 1851 , titled: The Harmony of Inerests. This book really does a good job in explaining the root problem which has not change since then by no means.. This is the shortest road to start understanding what's happening today, seriously.

this is a link to the free pdf copy of this book now following..: 

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Thursday, May 8, 2014



Thanks Scott E. Wade. So as the son of a former President who was also a Vice President and ALSO the head of the CIA, a CFR (the true "shadow" govt) member, a Trilateral Commission member (way more exclusive and elite than the CFR), a Bohemian Club member and Grove attendee and also a Skull & Bones member (aka the "Brotherhood of Death"), George would not have had any insider information??? Oh come on! Georgey himself is also a Skull & Bones member and Bohemian Grove attendee. His grandfather Prescott was a Skull & Bones member and easily part of the "Establishment" - they are an Establishment family. When will the brainwashed wake up??? Not until the brainwashed turn off the propaganda television and radio shows, or stop reading the controlled newspapers and magazines and books. Hey, I was also fooled by these elitist "Establishment" people. They are the RULING CLASS. This is very well documented and written about in many books.
Why did the children in the school classroom read words to Bush that mimic what was happening at that very moment in NYC? Coincidence? Come on! NO COINCIDENCE!!!
Just think of the word "kite" being an unmanned object being flown under man's control from another location. So now you have the words "[remote controlled object], plane, must, hit, steel (Towers were massive steel objects)". This is not coincidence.
Oh, and Bush was surrounded deeply by globalist elites, like Dick Cheney, a former CFR Director and member, and Condoleezza Rice, member of the top three elite organizations creating the "new world order", Rice is a Bilderberg member, CFR member and Trilateral Commission member. Our govt was hijacked from the inside DECADES ago!

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Army Ranger retires because of Obama. Tells everything about America's future - YouTube

Army Ranger retires because of Obama. Tells everything about America's future - YouTube:

It is going down this clear and present danger.

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