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Monday, February 25, 2013


In His own words out of his own mouth.....Period ..Please Military ..CIA .FBI. TSA ..IRS .Police ..VETS... Congress ..Average citizens Mostly Media personnel ..Help save America end the lies..A Transparent Government was promised...well watch ,,Question Benghazi and drones around the world..Think of what world you want your Grandchildren to grow up in. One based on Lies and Generated dramas..Just like Bush WMD Lies..Tonkin..ect .or one based on Honesty...Those leaders do exist IE: Ron Paul...Denied By a controlled Media for a one world order of subservient masses to the Elite....I feel we have lost any hope of return to our sovereignty through the  corrupt system we  as individuals as well as a Nation. Are DOOMED... without your awareness and Awakening to this diabolical destruction....we are doomed..I Pray for Us All...Amen
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