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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

E-mails Dogging Pres. Obama

I received an E-mail claiming this prison was orchestrated by Obama.
Obama worrys me in many was as well.... However making False Claims, only Fuels the fire for His supporters. So I recommend you check the Facts before you Blaitenly and blasphemy make false claims.
This prison is in Austria thats Osteriech. Not even in the USA.
I ignorantly and foolishly forwarded a multitude of BS claims in the Past. But now that I'm Blogging and Tweeting, its time to get real.
So from now on I will be Picking the fly shit out of the pepper. Correcting what I can. If I can. If I can not collaborate by at least two reputable Sources, not necessarily CNN, ABC, NBC ect. but real researched sites, not opinions, I will not forward it in any way.  Albeit I may interject my opinion. Feel free to express yours. Add to the debate, don't be a sheep, form an opinion. The middle east unrest shows best, that a new global paradine shift is underway. Embrace it! I do. The Government lead medias have taken the peaceful protesters from protesters to, revolutionist, to militants, to what they now call civil war. All so that theycan sit back on their honches, appearing not to be in support of their dictator cronies, they put in power 1-80 years ago, trying to secure mineral resources that line their pockets.

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