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Sunday, March 20, 2011

YouTube - EndGame HQ full length version

YouTube - EndGame HQ full length version
Hey you want to take a trip down conspiracy lane. This is a great place to start. WOW, is my first response. Best Conspiracy Film I've seen in years.

Could be a lengthy process Separating the fly shit from the pepper here. So if you would send feedback either way or any part of. Please feel free to, e-mail me direct if you like.Or add your e-mail address within your comment.

Best is just Become a member of this Blog page under " followers" And join me as I enter the great Debates addressing us everyday. We are entering a new paradine not to mention the next world war has begun. We are either sheep or the elite, not so sure we even have a choice. It may be simply too late. I don't know but I,m looking to find out.
I am

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